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Vincent de Montleau
Vincent de Montleau
Alexandre René Gabriel de Montleau (1773-1842) Marquis de Montleau, was a page of King Louis XVI, deputy of the Charente and president of the General Council of Charente, France. Chief of Staff of the National Guard of Charente (1815), member of the Charente Agriculture Society. He died in 1884 in the castle of the Andreaux (Saint-Estèphe, Charente), leaving two daughters and two sons of which Henri (1841-1918), the common ancestor of all the descendants existing to this day.
He was president of the Charente Agricultural Society and recognized, across the French borders, as a great expert in agriculture by publishing several books.
In 1871 he wrote a manifesto of allegiance to Henry V, entitled « L’Appel au Droit, » attesting his exemplary fidelity to the crown of France and to the person of the Comte de Chambord.
Count and Countess
Count and Countess Jacques de Montleau (1919-2003)
Family castle de Montleau France
Family castle de Montleau
Family de Montleau
Count Jacques de Montleau 1974 Castle of the Andreaux, France
Vincent de Montleau
Count and Countess de Montleau with Count junior Vincent de Montleau
Vincent de Montleau
Count Vincent de Montleau, born 29 April 1981, is a French artist